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Botanical Tans is all about healthy skin care and holistic living. We provide you with everything you'll need to make sure you get the most out of your spray tan! In our studios, our products range from locally made, all natural goat milk soaps, body butters, facial oils and body scrubs. The sunless tanners we offer are from Beauty by Earth and are 100% natural and organic. The extenders we offer are great compliments to our solutions by Evolv.  Evolv has revolutionized the spray tanning industry with the first and only heated equipment and heat activated solutions to keep you warm and relaxed during your session!


  • Think clean, dry body. 
  • Exfoliate 24 hours prior to tan with an exfoliating mit, or salt/sugar scrub.
  • For the day of your appointment, exfoliate with just a washcloth or loofah.
  • Do not use an oil based soap or cleanser. (Dove / Oil of Olay)
  • Do not apply lotion, deodorant or perfumes before your Spray Tan.
  • Schedule all workouts, hair, nails, waxing, spa appointments prior to your spray tan.



  • Do Not Shower for 4-10 hours after your spray tan! 
  • There is a bronzer in the solution - so you will be extra dark until you shower.
  • Take short warm showers using mild scented shower gel or soap. No Dove or Oil of Olay. Any product with Mineral Oil will break down your tan.
  • Do not use wash cloth or loofah until you start fading or want to remove your tan.
  • Shave with a light touch, and only when needed. Shaving acts as an exfoliating method.
  • Pat skin dry, do not rub.
  • Moisturize 2 times daily & apply a tan extending cream.
  • Final results won't be seen until after your first shower. Color looks best on days 2 & 3.